DNA profiling


Genetic/DNA testing has become more popular but results are often provided to patients with no explanation of positive or negative implications. At Vital Aspects, we can analyse your reports, discuss the impact your results may have on your health and use what we learn to tailor a treatment plan specifically targeting your needs.


Genetic/DNA testing includes:

  • Methylation (MTHFR) profiling

  • Hormone and fertility profiling

  • Mood and cognition profiling

  • Detoxification profiling

  • Nutrigenomics profiling

  • Ancestry DNA/23 and Me interpretation


How we test

At Vital Aspects, we ask our patients to undertake testing so that we can get a deeper understanding of their individual biochemical, metabolic, nutritional, hormonal, and even genetic, status.


Testing allows us to thoroughly examine potential contributing factors to your health, uncover the root causes behind a broad range of symptoms and health issues— and support you on your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.


We can then create a truly individualised treatment plan to bring your body back to optimal health. This targeted approach can often lead to more effective treatment and dramatically reduce treatment times.


During your initial consultation with us, we will discuss your current health challenges and determine what testing is appropriate for your unique situation. If you have any specific testing needs or preferences, you can discuss this with us during your consultation. Some testing may incur an additional cost to your consultation fee.

















































Functional pathology testing


Functional pathology testing provides insight into physiological function within the body. Results don’t only help to uncover markers of disease but can also give an indication of your overall health status.


Functional pathology testing can include the testing of blood, urine, faeces or saliva and may include:

  • Complete microbiome mapping/comprehensive stool analysis (CDSA)

  • SIBO breath testing

  • Complete hormonal profiling

  • Food intolerance/Allergy testing including complement

  • Adrenal function testing

  • Organic Acid Testing (OAT)

  • Hair mineral analysis