Creating health, balance and wellbeing


Nutritional and Functional Medicine is an approach to health that is completely individual and unique to your needs. We don’t treat you as a diagnosis, disease or list of symptoms, we consider all of you — your mind, body and life — as a whole.


With comprehensive investigation, we seek to find answers to your symptoms and identify what’s not working, or is out of balance, in your body and your environment.


We start by running a series of tests to understand your unique biochemical, metabolic, nutritional, hormonal, and even genetic, status. 


Drawing on a range of evidence-based approaches we then create a targeted treatment plan that is completely customised to your unique circumstances and will help you achieve better health outcomes and more effective, long term results.


Working together we address your diet, lifestyle, environment and nutrition to leave you feeling healthy, happy and empowered.




Megan Koerner BHSc (Nut. Diet. Med.) M. Rep. Med (current), AARPN, A. Nutr, ACNEM 

Clinical Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner


I believe that there’s an explanation for every unexplainable situation— we just have to dig hard enough and use the right lense to find it.

​My personal health journey began many years ago when I began to seek answers beyond what modern medicine could provide for depression, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. 


I lived on overdrive, unable to quieten my mind which in turn meant being unable to quieten my body. My adrenals were under constant pressure, which wreaked havoc on my hormones and gut health. Things that should have been easy just weren't. I struggled with saying no, I struggled with my confidence and self-worth, I was fighting a silent battle behind closed doors and doing my best to put one foot in front of the other each day.


I took some time out to really listen to my body, and I started to learn that our physical and emotional health are inextricably linked. And that diet, lifestyle, gut health and our genes can all have an impact on our physical health and feelings of general wellbeing.


My experiences guided me to a career in Nutritional and Functional medicine and fuels the passion I have for helping my clients and those around me find answers on their own journey to health.


My areas of interest lie in epigenetics, mental health, women's reproductive health, endocrinology, gut health, paediatrics, preconception and pregnancy care, autoimmunity and chronic disease. My combined love for neuroscience, biochemistry, the incredible human body and food as medicine feeds my curiosity and drives me to learn and grow everyday.


I look forward to sharing your health journey with you




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